lundi 29 janvier 2018

Bitcoin crashes below $10,000. What's next? We have answers…

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 From Crypto-Craze to Cryptonite
"Wild" doesn't begin to describe Bitcoin's price action.
Less than 12 months ago, it traded as low as $1,200. By early December, it hit a high of $19,891 – and on the CBOE, Bitcoin futures topped $20,000.
Then, on December 22, Bitcoin crashed to $10,400… then rebounded as high as $17,000 into January... and now, it's again trading in the $10,000 range.
Are you wondering what’s next for Bitcoin and cryptos?
Our friends at Elliott Wave International just released a new, free report: “Bitcoin: The Greatest Bubble of All Time.”
In their nearly 40 years in the business, EWI has applied Elliott waves to hundreds of different markets -- some mainstream, some exotic. When they first studied cryptocurrency charts, they saw familiar price patterns. Yes, Elliott waves are at work in this brand-new asset class just as they are in the established markets.
EWI was one of the first (possibly the first) financial publishers to ever talk about Bitcoin back in 2010.
Which means, you need to hear what Elliott wavers have to say about it now.
Read “Bitcoin: The Greatest Bubble of All Time” now, free.

dimanche 14 janvier 2018

Discover 3 High-Confidence Trade Set-Ups Every Trader Should Know
Dear Trader,
The new year is full of new market opportunities. We'd like to help you capture them.
On Wednesday, January 17, at 11 AM Eastern, our friends at Elliott Wave International ( are hosting a live, free webinar for traders looking for an edge:
"Discover 3 High-Confidence Trade Set-Ups Every Trader Should Know"
EWI's Senior Instructor, Jeffrey Kennedy, will share with you something only his Trader's Classroom subscribers know -- his 3 favorite trade set-ups. Of all the trade set-ups Jeffrey has tested over his 25+ year career, he says these 3 offer the highest confidence with the lowest risk.
Simply put, this free event will show you how to jump on opportunities most traders will miss.
Why you should join: Broker statistics show that over time, up to 90% of all traders "fail to show a profit." Most traders simply don't know when to enter, when to exit, and when to call it quits.
It takes work, but you can be a part of the 10%.
Jeffrey Kennedy's live January 17 webinar can help you get there. Get your free seat now.